Consumption declarations

The declaration of consumption applies to:

  • all systems from renewable sources with an output of more than 20 kWp that feed some of the energy produced into the grid and self-consume the other (partial disposal);
  • all systems from renewable sources with an output of more than 20 KWp that fully feed the energy produced into the grid (total transfer).

Failure to complete and subsequently send the file may result in heavy administrative penalties ranging from € 500.00 to € 3,000.00.

Zanotti Energy Group is able to provide a complete support necessary for the correct fulfilment of bureaucratic procedures as well as an update service related to regulatory and technical adjustments.

If you also own a photovoltaic or renewable energy system (e.g. hydroelectric, wind, biomass, …) and you want to know if you are subject to this requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us. By activating our ongoing management service, you will have a team of experts at your service.

In the quote request we ask you to indicate: company name and type of disposal of the system (self-consumption/total grid feed-in).


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Failure to comply with a regulatory obligation may result in sanctions or suspension of the incentive. Rely on us to regularize your position, avoid sanctions and unlock payments.


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