Support for GSE inspections

The GSE inspections concern all photovoltaic systems of any power or type that have received incentives in the Energy Account and are governed by the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development which came into force on 31 January 2014, known as the Control Decree.

In light of at least another 10 years of incentives, it becomes very important to preserve the investment made.

Thanks to our service we can:

  • Provide you with assistance in finding the documentation produced during the authorization phase and related to the certification of the installed components;
  • Make available to you, on your personal page of our portal, a section dedicated to this new collection of documentation to be presented in case of inspection;
  • Carry out an inspection in the field to verify the correct and effective correspondence between what is reported in the documentation and what has been installed.

We will then be able to support you both beforehand, so that you are prepared during the inspection and when you receive the notice from the GSE.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers ask us.

Does the GSE have the right to do background checks?

Yes, it does. All owners of photovoltaic systems with energy incentives have entered into a multi-year contract with the GSE. This agreement obliges the owner to maintain, for the entire duration of the incentive, the required and declared requirements with respect to which one is not always aware of compliance. The GSE is therefore entitled to verify, whenever it deems it necessary, the correctness of what was submitted during the request for access to the incentive.

What are the types of violations?

The GSE has only made known in general terms what the types of irregularities could be and the reasons that could lead to the loss of the incentive. It is therefore necessary to carefully check and prepare all the documentation in your possession and the compliance of the characteristics of your system with the conditions accepted by signing the energy agreement.

The GSE found a large number of infringements at the time of the checks, but the most frequent ones were found:

  • Failure to complete the work on the declared date of completion pursuant to Law 129/10 (“Salva Alcoa Law”);
  • Submission of certification documentation of the forms not authenticated;
  • Non-referability of the photovoltaic modules to the certifications submitted for the recognition of the incentives;
  • Modules installed in the system having a different origin from the one declared by the Responsible Party for the purposes of recognition of the incentives.

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