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I need to change panels on an incentive system, which ones can I use?

The customer of one of our partner installer in Parma due to a fire had to replace some panels, thanks to our collaboration the installer found the modules with the appropriate certifications avoiding the risk of losing the incentives.
The intervention was successful and the client renewed the contract.

A lender proposed to one of my clients to build a photovoltaic system on your roof, how can I run this operation?

One of our partners in Padova found himself in the same situation. For him we managed all the relationships with the competent bodies (GSE, Customs, Enel) and quantified the economic advantages for both parties so as to win the tender for the installation of the system.

I want to expand my client portfolio, can we work together?

Our reality is open to complementary collaborations.
We will inform you transparently about our customers who need maintenance, we will provide you with the contacts of potential customers interested in installing new systems and we will we will support in expanding your offer.

I got a sanction from customs, what should I do?

A luxury garage in the province of Bologna found itself in your situation, for them we have regularized all past defaults, reducing the amount of the penalty by 90%. Since then we continue to follow all the procedures and the customer dedicates all his energy in restoring classic cars.

Is it possible to pay less IMU?

A large ceramic company in the province of Modena asked us the same question, for them we have redetermined all the cadastral yields of the systems, since then saves € 53,000.00 per year that can invest in the innovation of the systems for the ceramic production.

I got an inspection notice, what should I do?

Many of our customers have undergone GSE inspections, our technicians have accompanied them and can do so with you from the receipt of the notification to the conclusion of the verification process.

I would like to intervene on my system, which has been realized based on incentives, to increase production, what can I do?

Intervening on systems which have been realized based on incentives is a very delicate operation that without the necessary analysis can lead to the loss of the incentive. We have recently followed the case of a food company in Modena that was able to move its photovoltaic system correctly, maximizing its revenues and continuing to prepare breakfast for Modena people.

I rented a shed on which I have a photovoltaic system, what should I do?

You can sell the energy produced by your photovoltaic system to your tenant in compliance with certain regulations. A leading company in the radio industry communications of Reggio Emilia has recently made a lease contact, also earning on the electricity produced by its system and consumed by the tenant.

I'd like to start consuming the energy I produce, what can I do?

There are many photovoltaic systems built during the energy incentive that do not involve the self-consumption of the energy produced. Nowadays it is possible to use the energy produced by these systems directly to supply the utilities, maximising the value of the energy produced and maintaining the incentive. The Milan home appliances company can now consume the energy produced by its system saving and becoming a green reality in the area.

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