Change of ownership

A change of ownership of a photovoltaic system means the change of the Person Responsible for a system due to different reasons. It is possible to turn both the incentive into an Energy Account and the convention (SSP/RID).

The change of ownership of the photovoltaic system must be communicated to the GSE to which the documentation certifying the transfer of ownership must be provided, to TERNA, to the Grid Operator, to the energy supplier (meter voltage) and in case of system with power > 20 kWp also to the Customs Agency.

Below you will find only some of the most frequent cases in which a change of ownership is necessary:

  • Cause of Death
  • Transfer of business / Transfer of business or branch of business
  • Sale of real estate including connected system/sale of system
  • Change from individual to sole proprietorship and vice versa
  • Separation/divorce
  • Donation
  • Sale of the system leasing contract

Both the GSE and the energy supplier can apply to the procedure of the investigation costs based on the power of the system.

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