Regularisation of regulatory requirements

From the date of entry into operation until today, your photovoltaic system has seen a succession of new regulations, requirements and obligations that the various bodies require owners to regulate the production of energy from renewable sources.

In this ever-changing regulatory system, it is easy to get lost or miss a deadline.

There is a risk of jeopardising the investment and the economic benefits accruing from the installation and the incentive.

This should not, however, be frightening as the authorities allow owners to regularise their position so as to limit any measures in the event of non-compliance.

Thanks to the regularization service, we will take care of the regulatory compliance your position so you can get your energy under control.


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Change of ownership

Photovoltaic systems cultivation and communication to the authorities in charge.

When the ownership of a photovoltaic system changes, it is necessary to send the necessary communications to GSE, network operator, TERNA and the Customs and Monopolies Agency.


Support for GSE inspections

Field work and documentation preparation.

In case of verification by the GSE, we can support you in the collection and verification of the required documentation , accompanying you during the inspection day.


Consumption declarations

Preparation and sending of documentation.

For the owners of photovoltaic systems over 20 kWp we will collect and reconstruct the fiscal data of production and input for the purpose of sending the statement.


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